Marine Equipment Directive

Achieve the perfect balance of style, safety, and security with Panaz. We have a range of products displaying the MED Wheelmark, so you can be confident that you’re in safe hands.

The Marine Equipment Directive (MED) was enacted by the European Parliament to provide a wide range of quality controls that guarantee the safety of products on board ships. Each and every item must meet the required standards laid out in the Directive if they’re to be placed on board EU-flagged vessels. There are also reciprocal agreements with the US Coast Guard, meaning they accept the quality mark as well.

Products and companies that comply with the Directive are allowed to display the MED Wheelmark as a symbol of quality and safety. Achieving this is no mean feat, as the review process is regarded as being the world’s most stringent inspection of materials that are placed on ships. To qualify, both the manufacturer and their products have to be reviewed by an external agency.

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The EU Marine Equipment Directive Process

Being awarded the MED Wheelmark involves undergoing a strict review process that covers the following areas:

  • Obtaining an International Maritime Organisation (IMO) fire certificate
  • The production methods used by the manufacturer
  • The manufacturer’s internal quality control procedures 
  • Each product’s technical specifications

When all aspects of the review process have been cleared, the product will be awarded a Module B certificate, while the manufacturer gets a Module D certificate.

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Proud to Display the MED Wheelmark

Panaz is one of the very few global fabric manufacturers to have gone through the rigorous review process and therefore be able to offer the MED Wheelmark. We believe this is recognition of our commitment to placing safety and quality at the forefront of everything we do.

Since we were established in 1986, we’ve sought to provide designers with the perfect balance of style and substance. This means that everything we produce not only looks beautiful, but is also made to last.

As a result, you can create stunning, on-trend environments while being completely confident about quality and security. With us, there’s no need to compromise.

Serious about Sustainability

At Panaz, we’re committed to reducing the effect that fabric manufacturing has on the environment. From the very beginning, we’ve led the way in developing innovative solutions to promote sustainability. These include the creation of the first 100% recycled base cloth, ecoTWILL™, and our dry printing process that uses absolutely no water or harsh chemicals. If you care about the planet, you need to work with us.

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We’re incredibly proud to supply Panaz healthcare fabrics to a host of clients within the industry, including many NHS Trusts, as well as care home experts such as Teal Living and Shackletons.

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