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When it comes to sourcing contract fabrics for hospitality, there are several things you need to consider. How it looks, how durable and functional it is, and how soon you can get hold of it. These are questions that are usually at the top of the list. When time is of the essence you’ll want to ensure you’re working with a supplier who has an in-depth knowledge of the industry and its many intricacies, while offering a fantastic level of service. That’s where Panaz can help.

Our antimicrobial and stain resistant contract hospitality fabrics have graced the interiors of some of the most iconic locations across the globe. We’ve worked with a host of companies across the industry, including major hotel chains, restaurants, and cruise ships — so we know your sector inside and out. Don’t leave anything to chance, get in touch with our team and let us take care of everything.

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Case Studies

El Hefe Restaurant & Club

Utilising our innovative ReMake platform, Costa Mesa based designers, Davis INK were able to transform Scottsdale’s must-visit nightclub by adding their own custom designs to our fabric. The fact they could amend the colour & scale in real time, and check the pattern repeat meant they could ensure that the design and fabric were perfect before placing their order.

Ricos Restaurante

Located in the heart of the Scottish capital, Rico’s Ristorante was able to create inviting and sophisticated interior design to complement its authentically Italian menu. Utilising our sumptuous Magma velvet, silk effect Indulgence velvet, and market-leading Aston faux-leather, they developed a cohesive design scheme that offered enticing visuals and exceptional textile performance.

A guide to contract fabrics for hotel interiors

From the moment a guest steps over the threshold of a hotel, it is first impressions that really count so it is important that they are immediately immersed into the whole hotel experience, whether that be within a calming country retreat or an inspirational busy boutique hotel in the city. Fabrics play an integral role in setting the scene, as guests physically and visually interact with their surroundings throughout their entire stay. The hotel lobby and reception area is the first consideration, here drapery fabrics can now be used for creating zones or as room dividers as well as the usual window treatments, perfect for achieving an open plan look whilst maintaining privacy. Upholstery and other soft furnishings must coordinate and compliment the look, particularly with “The Instagram Effect” pushing all to raise their game. The right supplier will help and support clients to make these decisions but also support on appropriate regulations and specification to ensure longevity in these high traffic areas. Moving to the bedroom, fixtures such as headboards and curtains, usually need an extended lifecycle, and therefore should typically feature more subtle, timeless designs in neutral shades so they don’t become outdated after just a few years. By choosing tactile and dimensional fabrics such as a boucle or velvet it is possible to really enhance these areas so that they play prominent roles in the overall design, whilst still providing a timeless backdrop that can be effectively layered in different textures, patterns and colours. In contrast, bolder and braver design choices can be achieved with easily replaceable items such as cushions, bed runners and sheers. Specifying fabrics in intricate patterns and vibrant bursts of colour that perfectly encapsulate the latest trends and captivate guests’ attention adding visual interest to any interior.

Picture perfect performance

Whilst aesthetics will be the leading consideration for a designer, it’s essential the materials specified provide the highest possible standards of durability and functionality to meet the demands of high usage environments. One of the most prominent design trends at the moment, are the calming neutrals and naturals – which absolutely must be to contract fabric specification – if the look and feel is to be maintained. The most important performance criteria designers should consider when choosing contract fabrics for hotel applications is fire retardancy. Whilst some may choose a residential fabric and have a FR treatment added, this may alter the fabric’s texture and appearance and depending on the type of yarns involved, it also may not guarantee to make it FR. Try to find fabrics that are inherently flame retardant. The wear of an upholstery fabric is measured by abrasion resistant, ensure the fabrics have been tested to the Martindale Rubs testing process, which demonstrates the fabric’s resilience against everyday wear and tear. Stain resistance is also essential, look for solutions that repel oil based food products and proteins – the most difficult stains to remove, don’t assume all stain resistance products are the same! Guest piece of mind is key and not just a consideration, many hotels and restaurants are now showcasing their activities to combat infection. Challenge your fabric supplier on their solutions, as not all anti-microbial coatings are the same, look for one that is non depleting and non-leeching (safe for the environment and never goes away), and one that instantly kills – very important in high traffic areas such as hotel lobbies and restaurants. Ensure your guests are protected throughout their stay.

Serious about sustainability

It is time we all specified sustainably, to do this look for a supplier that uses dry printing techniques – no harmful chemicals and no water usage – and one that offers fabrics made from 100% recycled materials and is itself recyclable. Panaz were the first to introduce dry printing techniques and continues to be at the forefront of the sustainability agenda in contract fabrics. Fabric longevity is also critical for sustainability, lower frequency of change equals less impact not just on cost but also on the environment. By working in partnership with the right fabric manufacturer and their technical team from the very beginning, designers can create not just the most visually appealing scheme but also one that offers longevity and safety and is great for the environment as well.

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