Welcome to Threads – a new, monthly newsletter from the Panaz team.

It’s an insight into how we do things at Panaz. How we think, how we design, how we make fabrics.

Each issue, we will be sending you an update about our latest goings on, so that you don’t just hear from us about our latest products, but also about our inspirations, our experiences and the people who make us Panaz.

With each edition we will be sharing the most vibrant articles from the global design community that have inspired us over the past fortnight and talking about;

  • Industry insights
  • Design trends
  • Technical innovations
  • Events & exhibitions
  • The history of Panaz
  • & our creative process

Threads is a window into our little world, a chance for you to see more to Panaz than just fabric on a roll and get to know us a little bit more so, welcome to Threads, we hope you enjoy.