Shieldplus Antimicrobial Technology

With over 15 years of proven success in the healthcare industry, Shieldplus Antimicrobial Technology represents the safest and most reliable antimicrobial protection available for contract textiles.

With advanced nanotechnology creating a protective structure, Shieldplus is not only faster-acting and more effective than traditional antimicrobial treatments but also offers real benefits in terms of reducing environmental impact and maintenance costs.

Traditional antimicrobials are laced with chemicals which act as the antimicrobial agent. These chemicals are typically heavy metals, such as zinc, copper or silver, which leach into the surrounding area and essentially poison the textile against microbial growth.

While initially effective, this method poses a number of issues.

– The poisoning effect can be slow, sometimes taking up to 24 hours to kill the microbe

– The use of toxic agents can cause adverse effects and reactions

– Gradually, the agent depletes, reducing the protection of the fabric

– Lower dosages of the agent can lead to microbial survival and eventually adaptation and resistance

– Depleted fabrics need to be replaced, incurring costs to the end user

– Cleaning traditional antimicrobial fabrics causes the agent to leach into the water, which can cause environmental damage if entering natural waterways

Exclusive to Panaz, Shieldplus antimicrobial technology addresses these issues to provide more effective and reliable antimicrobial protection.

By employing a non-leaching antimicrobial agent, Shieldplus eliminates many of the problems created by the conventional antimicrobials.

Microscopic polymer chains, bonded to the surface of the fabric, actively attract microbes and rupture their outer layer, immediately killing them and ending the threat they pose.

By employing a mechanical action, rather than chemical poisoning, Shieldplus;

– Is quicker than traditional antimicrobials, eliminating microbes on contact

– Contains no toxins or heavy metals, as there is no need to poison the microbe

– Is longer lasting than conventional antimicrobials, as the agent does not leach and deplete

– Never gives a depleted dose, reducing the risk of microbial adaptation

– Saves money, as the agent is active for the lifetime of the fabric, reducing its need to be repleaced

– Is kinder to the environment, as the agent is bonded to the fabric and will not leach into water during cleaning

Shieldplus Antimicrobial Cleaners

Shieldplus Antimicrobial Technology is also available in the form of topical cleaners for surfaces and laundry.

These cleaning additives provide the same safe and effective antimicrobial protection for any interior environment, providing a long-lasting defense against viruses, basteria and fungi on tabletops, equipment, clothing and bedding in healthcare, hospitality, workspace, cruise and domestic environments.

Protect is a water-based technology that forms an invisible, protective, layer on both fabric and hard surfaces, delivering a unique anti-microbial barrier that kills bacteria and viruses immediately on contact, including the coronavirus and has been tested safe to use even in food storage and preparation areas. A light spray offers long-term protection, as well as added stain resist properties, that is effective for up to 90 days.

Laundry brings all the 90-day antibacterial and antiviral benefits of Protect to the washing cycle together with the added benefit of an integral fabric conditioner. Shield Plus Laundry will add a new level of cleanliness to clothes, towels, sheets, pillowcases and all aspects of your laundry. For further information please see the online brochure or the Shieldplus topicals website,