Specialist Contract Fabrics


ReMake marks a turning point in bespoke fabric design. A UK first, Remake by Panaz is a full fabric customisation service, from concept to delivery, hosted entirely through our unique innovative online platform.

By putting the ability to recolour and rework any Panaz print design directly into your hands, ReMake lets you realise your vision for the project you’re working on.

Remake simplifies the entire customisation process by bringing everything to one site, accessible anywhere through the internet, allowing designers around the world to customise fabrics, whether working from the office, from home or during their commute.

ReMake from Panaz offers designers an approachable and unparalleled opportunity to rework the colour, scale and design of not only every print pattern from the current Panaz range but also our historical design archives, as well as thousands more sourced from around the world.

With user-friendly design tools, ReMake allows you to express your creativity and truly make your design yours. Designing bespoke prints has never been easier, quicker or more fun and with options for sampling, you can be sure of your design before you send it to production.

For those who already have the design they want in mind, ReMake also supports the direct upload of image files, quickly turning an idea into reality and saving designers the valuable time and effort required to create custom fabrics through the traditional channels.

Once you’re happy with your creation, our wide range of Panaz base cloths means your design can be printed to suit whatever end use is required, from curtains and cushion covers to bedding and blinds.

ReMake by Panaz is a powerful and creative innovation in the way bespoke fabrics are produced and supplied. ReMake opens countless opportunities for unique and personal expression in all areas of fabric design, all while saving valuable work hours, typically spent liaising with fabric suppliers to create bespoke pieces. By giving more independence to designers and automating print requests, ReMake by Panaz offers the most streamlined and user-friendly, custom fabric service ever available to the contract sector.


Depending on your specific bespoke fabric requirements, it may be more convenient for you to liaise with our in-house custom design team. All custom projects are handled by one of our expert CAD specialists, who will work alongside you to produce the textile to your design specifications. Bespoke projects require a high-resolution digital image supplied with your specific colouration details.