Base Cloths

With an extensive range of base cloth options, you can select any of our print designs in any colourway to suit any end-use.

Both the technical properties and price of the fabric are determined by the base cloth on which the design is printed, so picking the right base cloth to fulfil your requirements is a key consideration.

We offer base cloths suitable for blackout, dimout and sheer curtains (in both standard and wide width) as well as bedspreads, soft furnishing accessories and upholstery, with a range of technical advantages such as antimicrobial, stain-resistance and waterproof protection.

To see the base cloth options, please see our base cloth qualities chart below.

What are Wide Width fabrics?

Our range of base cloth options covers both standard and wide widths. At standard width, our fabrics are 138cm wide. Wide width options are double that, between 276cm -280cm wide. The benefits of wide widths are predominantly realised in drapery, as you can create 276cm tall curtains in unlimited width without the need for stitching or seams.

Please be aware that wide width fabrics will be delivered on tubes approximately 290cm in length and appropriate provisions for delivery and storage will need to be catered for.

What are Railroaded fabrics?

Railroading is a term within the textiles industry referring to the direction in which the pattern of a fabric is manufactured.

In most cases, the pattern of the fabric runs up the roll vertically, meaning that as the fabric is unrolled, the first part of the pattern you will see is the bottom of the design. Then you will see the top of the design before it repeats, going from bottom to top as you continue to unroll the fabric.

In railroaded fabrics, the pattern runs across the roll horizontally. In this case, the first part of the pattern you would see is the right-hand side of the design, followed by the left and repeating right-to-left, with the top and bottom of the design fixed along the edges of the fabric.

The benefits of railroaded fabrics are that you have the ability to upholster long pieces of furniture without the need for stitching or seams or, in the case of wide widths, create curtains up to a max height of 276cm in an almost unlimited width without a seam.

We have highlighted which of our patterns are printed railroaded in the product information for each of our print designs.