Specialist Contract Fabrics

For over 30 years, our dedication to providing our customers with textile options with the highest levels of technical performance has resulted in a diverse portfolio of market-leading fabrics with pioneering performance standards.

With options for hospitality, healthcare, workspace and cruise environments we offer a wide range of technical advantages to help our customers create safer spaces for us to live, work and enjoy.

Abrasion –  Abrasion resistance represents the resilience of the fabric against everyday wear and tear. All of our upholstery collection fabrics and base cloths are independently abrasion tested to contract standards. Abrasion resistance results are presented by either Martindale Rubs, standard in the UK and EU, or Wyzenbeek Double Rubs, standard in the USA. Individual results can be found in the product details section of any Panaz upholstery fabric, with higher values representing more abrasion-resistant fabrics.

Stain Resistant – We offer stain-resistant technology across a wide range of our upholstery, curtain and soft furnishings textiles, helping to increase the lifetime of the fabric and make care and maintenance a simpler task for our customers.

Waterproof – In addition to stain resistance, many of our fabrics feature an impervious waterproof layer, capable of resisting up to 2.5m of liquid, preventing spills from setting into the fabric and allowing them to be quickly and easily wiped away.

Multi-Directional Stretch – Our multi-directional stretch collections offer a more comfortable seating experience, with stretch features that alleviate pressure while seated for long periods, making them particularly useful for care environments. Their stretch properties also have benefits for furniture manufacturers, making the upholstery of curved furniture quicker and more forgiving.

Indoor/Outdoor – We offer many highly durable collections suitable for both indoor and outdoor upholstery. Our outdoor collections are extensively tested to withstand the weathering conditions of external environments while offering exceptional levels of textile performance.

Colour Fastness – In exposed environments, the original colour of a fabric may fade or run overtime. Colour Fastness refers to a textiles ability to resist these factors and retain its original colours. Our outdoor upholstery collections are tested against artificial weathering, chlorinated water, sea water and light to ensure that they retain their appearance for the lifetime of the fabric.

Greener Choices – We’ve indicated when our fabrics are free of phthalates, latex and heavy metals to help to select a more environmentally conscious fabric easier.