Our Facilities

Manufacturing has always been an integral part of what Panaz stands for. Since 1985, we have been producing market-leading designs at our in-house fabric printing facility, and it’s a function we have both expanded and innovated in over the years since.

Ever conscious of our environment, we were one of the first to introduce sublimation printing techniques into our industry, as a way of drastically reducing the volume of wastewater produced by traditional wet print methods. Today, sublimation printing has become more widely available and is now the standard fabric print method across the industry.

Further developments came with the move to digital paper printing. Bringing our paper printing on-site allowed us to offer our customers several key benefits. It allows for – greater control over the colour and design accuracy and provides a more responsive print process. Being able to quickly print-to-order, with design artwork saved digitally streamlines the process and reduces lead times. It also makes us more environmentally friendly by reducing our reliance on large stocks of pre-printed paper, meaning we can now offer a greater variety of printed designs without being affected by the availability of paper stocks as well as reducing the carbon emissions from our process, as we no longer need to bring in printed paper stocks from producers around the world.

Recently, we expanded our digital print capabilities, by investing in our wide-width paper printing operations at our UK based print facility, giving us the flexibility and independence to manage all our fabric printing functions, from design to delivery, on both standard and wide-width base cloths.

We employ a fully trained digital print team in order to oversee operations and ensure a seamless production line between order process, paper printing and fabric printing. Embracing digital print has made Panaz a more self-sufficient business, limiting our reliance on printed paper suppliers, reducing the transportation costs & environmental impact in our supply chain and improving the skills of our team.

The advantages of increasing our in-house print capabilities aren’t just positive for our operations team either, it also allows our design team to create collections printed on a larger scale. The release of wide-width exclusive collections, such as Gallery, is a reflection of our commitment to innovation and how far we have come in both design and manufacturing. It has given us the ability to continually push the boundaries of what is possible and has allowed us to design and make at previously impossible levels of scale and detail, from concept to creation, entirely in house.