In line with our commitment to collaboration, we are excited to be contributing to the Material Source Studio.

An exclusive design destination in the heart of Manchester, the Material Source Studio will showcase a permanent, interactive exhibition space of Panaz products and innovations, alongside more than 30 other leading brands from the worlds of material and furniture.

Establishing a new central hub for interior designers and architects in the North, the Studio is founded on Material Source’s concept of “Beautifully Useful” – that it’s not enough for a product to be visually appealing but that it must serve a real, practical use. Partnering with Material Source was a natural choice for us, as this concept in realised through our design philosophy and established tradition of creating exceptional and innovative performance textiles without compromise on the aesthetic and textural qualities.

Beyond the curated design spaces, this exciting partnership allows us the opportunity to invite guests make the most the Studio’s other facilities, including an exclusive CPD studio, 7 unique meeting & seminar spaces, an extensive resource library of the featured exhibitors, a 100-seat auditorium and a podcast studio.

The Material Source Studio is an exhilarating opportunity for us to work with other leaders in the design and manufacturing of inspiring products with practical purposes, to create an immersive and collaborative experience for our customers.