A grounding tone evoking honesty, tranquillity and sophistication, Pantone’s 2020 Colour of the Year, Classic Blue, is a dependable choice, both in its symbolism and in its design application.

A deeply resonating shade, Classic Blue promotes a sense of relaxation and established trust. Enduringly popular throughout history, deep blues were often associated with luxury and quality, a perception which abides to this day. Unlike similarly soothing greens, Classic Blue is rarely found in flora or fauna, but can be seen in nature in the dawn sky and the deepest oceans; endless, ageless entities which reflect the constant and reliable nature of this rich colour.

In design, Classic Blue is diversely usable. Pastel shades and neutrals coordinate to enhance the soothing, meditative qualities of Classic Blue, allowing it to become a bolder tone without making a dominating statement. Alternatively, Classic Blue is aesthetically strong enough to mix with more energetic colour schemes, including pops of vivid colour, where it becomes an anchoring tone which isn’t lost among the brighter colours. It’s also worth considering the use of metallics and natural textures, to accentuate the sophisticated tonality of Classic Blue and create a sense of opulence.