Specialist Contract Fabrics

Collaboration is an essential force in modern design, driving creators to break out of their routine processes, articulate their concepts in new ways and adapt to outside ideas and techniques. It’s a learning method which appeals to our natural urge to communicate and work together. Our joint creative efforts with David Fox and Patternistas have been exceptional experiences which have taught us so much.

The name David Fox is well known in British Furniture design. For over a decade, David has been changing the face of contract furniture. Working together with Panaz gave David a unique opportunity to consider both the design of the furniture itself but also the fabrics which would frame it.

Our first collection with David Fox was Gridz, a timeless and contemporary print range with great design versatility and application across all sectors.

Following up on the success of Gridz, our second collaboration, Digital Age, strikes a refined balance between desirability and practicality. Made up of impactful tonal squares, the graphical design creates an obscured effect which harmonises at a distance and becomes bolder up close.

We have also been fortunate enough to work with Chris and Suzanne Carpenter, better known as the Patternistas. The pair have taken the design industry by storm with their vibrant colour, eye-catching patterns and a focus on the awareness of our environment.

Our Patternistas for Panaz collection included a range of three striking designs for print: Pollen, a rippling, circular pattern; Dewdrop, an arrangement of colourful leaves; and Chorus, a dazzling, abstract design punctuated by the forms of birds in flight. This collection has been warmly accepted by the industry, receiving the Surfaces Product of the Year at the 2018 Mixology Awards.

Drawing on the Patternistas experience as illustrators, the Patternistas for Children collection followed, with a storybook quality, harmonising the influence and innocence of folk tales with the intention of inspiring children’s imaginations.

It’s been an exhilarating and rewarding experience to work with such respected artists as David Fox and the Patternistas, who put so much expertise, philosophy and personality into each work they

produce. This is just the beginning of our journey into collaborations, and we cannot wait to see just how much we learn and create along the way.