Specialist Contract Fabrics


At our core is a commitment to continual innovation and development to overcome the problems faced by our clients and provide them with smarter, more effective solutions.

Never was this philosophy more tested than in the mid-2000s, when quality issues emerged among faux leathers and other associated industry products with PU coatings, resulting in delaminating, sticky, hard or cracked surfaces. The fault pervaded a range of products across various industries, all of which had protective polyurethane coatings, such as:

• Chrome taps, handles and towel rails

• Tabletops in restaurants and bars

• Faux leather upholsteries

• Case goods surfaces

• Chrome light fittings

In response, we invested a great deal of time, money and personnel resource into identifying the cause and developing a cure for the failing fabric surfaces. Working with both industry and academic experts, we brought together a dedicated team, identifying the cause of the quality problem as ‘Non-Ionic Surfactants, Alkalis and Alcohols’, more commonly recognised as cleaning products regularly used in all areas of hospitality and healthcare. The accumulation and build-up of these products was resulting in the degradation of the protective polyurethane surface, in a process known as solvolysis.

Through a scientific process called ‘steric hindrance’, this identification led to a cure in the form of Acryltron™.

Acryltron™ is an innovative development unique to Panaz. This protective coating mitigates the susceptibility of PU coatings to cleaning products and creates a more resilient and durable coating.

A further advantage of Acryltron™ is that our faux leathers are now more stain-resistant and hard-wearing than ever before, with Martindale Abrasion testing to 350,000+ rubs. Vinyl treated with Acryltron™ is easier to maintain and have been shown, through independent testing by Satra, to outperform alternative faux leathers in weathering everyday wear and tear, increasing the lifetime of the product and reducing the need for replacement.

Acryltron™ coating is available on Advantage 7, Aston, Brookland, Soft Touch Pro, Vintage, Vyflex Plus and Cadet ranges.

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