Parisienne Collection

The Parisienne Collection features intricate designs that draw inspiration from the floral, geometric, and textural patterns of the Art Deco era. The varied surface textures of this collection capture the essence of cast metal panelling, sculpted ceramics, and architectural details. Available in luxurious and refined colours that mirror the opulence of interiors from that time period.

Introducing our latest contract FR Signature Jacquard Collection

Introducing our latest contract FR Signature Jacquard Collection

The Collection showcases three distinct designs: Jardin, Cabaret, and Opera. Jardin boasts a stunning floral pattern with a mesmerizing ombré effect. Cabaret presents a captivating geometric design in harmonious colours. Meanwhile, Opera may seem simple at first glance, but its rich texture and depth exude sheer luxury.

As well as great looks Parisienne has all the contract performance and environmental compliance credentials you need. Including UK, European, USA and Marine FR certs. Parisienne is also, Halogen free, Red List Compliant, REACH Compliant and more! Download our pattern card for full technical details

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