Holcombe Collection

Holcombe is a collection of 5 beautiful print designs, each inspired by different aspects of our natural environment. With beautiful floral designs evoking memories of childhood summer holidays, and coastal inspired drawings of coral, that bring to mind deep blue seas. Sourced from an archive of original tracings, these designs are timeless classics. 

Introducing our latest nature inspired Print Collection Holcombe

The design prowess of Timorous Beasties and the expertise of Panaz

Sheringham & Frinton

Our showcase design, Sheringham features a bold yet delicate floral pattern, whilst Frinton a more subtle tracing of coral, when combined they make a powerful, yet classic statement.


Another showstopper Kentwell is also based around original tracings of coral, but with the addition of a heritage ribbon stripe. Available in shades of blues, greens and naturals, this calming colour palette is perfect for sleep and social environments.

Some of our latest collections

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