Shieldplus Infection Control

ShieldPlus by Panaz is a fast acting, long-lasting, durable, effective protection against harmful bacteria and viruses without sacrificing the look and feel of our fabrics. ShieldPlus is safe for the planet and uses no harmful chemicals. It is available as standard on many of our fabrics and Base Cloths and as an optional extra on others.

Not All Antimicrobial Solutions are the Same

To ensure long-term success and suitability of care home installations, architects should take several performance and design considerations into consideration at the design stage.

This includes fabrics that feature fast-acting antimicrobial technologies that have been applied during the manufacturing process. With Panaz fabrics featuring inherent antimicrobial properties, architects can support care home professionals to achieve the highest standards of hygiene.

This durable and safe-to-use technology provides nanotechnology-based protection that fights against a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites including Coronavirus, MRSA, C-diff Spore, and Norovirus.

When only the best will do, you have to come to Panaz.



With workplaces becoming more mobile and collaborative, companies are offering shared workspaces to support flexible and versatile workstyles.

This trend highlights the need to limit the spread of harmful bacteria in response to more shared workstation usage.



Hospitality settings are inherently public spaces visited by numerous individuals. Offering guests a clean and secure environment not only improves their experience and well-being but also provides a sense of comfort to the hotel staff.

The costs of bacterial or viral outbreaks and the resulting damage to reputations can be substantial.

To reduce these risks, it is important to implement a hygiene protocol and to use protective fabrics whenever possible.


The extent of hospital-acquired infections is increasing worldwide, posing a serious threat to patient safety and well-being.

The financial stress on healthcare systems, affecting both hospitals and the broader healthcare network, includes longer hospital stays, extra treatments, outpatient appointments, and visits to general practitioners and community care providers, all impacting human well-being.


Today, educational facilities welcome students from a wide range of countries and regions.

To ensure that they are safe while learning, socialising, and sleeping, the facilities they are provided with have to be as safe as possible.

Shieldplus provides a durable antimicrobial barrier that reduces infection and provides a barrier on furniture and upholstery.

The Responsible Choice

Extensive testing and verification lie at the foundation of our claims. Certificates demonstrating the speed, the efficacy and the safety of our products are readily available.

Including demonstrable effectiveness against the Nora and Coronavirus.

Many antimicrobials are literally toxic. Shieldplus has been tested to ISO 10993-5:2009 Biological evaluation of medical devices Part 5: Tests for in vitro cytotoxicity and proven non-toxic.

Panaz has conducted these tests to provide assurance that the final product is safe to use.

Key Features and Benefits

Resilient to high temperatures
and rigorous washing.
Durable for the useful life of most products.
No Migration
Won’t leach into the environment or transfer to other articles or to the skin - no “zone of inhibition”.
Variety of Uses
Can be applied to varying weight base cloths.
Active Hygiene
Controls the development of dust mites by destroying some fungi necessary in the dust mite’s food chain.
Tried and Tested
No arsenic, heavy metals, polychlorinated phenols.
Not a Chemical Poison
More than 30 years in the market.
Mechanical Deactivation
Does not induce microbial mutation or bioaccumulation.
Effective Quality Control
Simple analytical and visible test is available to detect the presence of the anti-microbial.
Odourless and colourless
Safe for the environment.

6 Ways you can reduce the spread of infection in high-traffic environments.

Did you know that 5,000 people die each year in the UK from directly attributable healthcare-associated infections? Here’s what you can do to reduce the spread of infection.

With Panaz you can be confident that our fabrics will reduce the spread of infection for years to come.

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