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Modern interior design is all about creating beautiful open spaces for people to enjoy. The days of existing in cramped locations are well and truly over. Of course, this new trend brings about its own set of complications. In particular, finding the right way to achieve the level of privacy required for certain situations such as meetings or important phone calls. Acoustic fabric is the ideal solution.

The benefits of acoustic absorbent fabric are huge. Having a comfortable atmosphere can help improve mental wellbeing, productivity, and motivation. However, not all fabrics are the same, so it’s essential to get the right material to achieve the right level of acoustic absorbance for your requirements. That’s where we can help. Our contract-quality acoustic fabric covers a full range of absorption classes, so no matter what spaces you’re looking to fill, we can recommend the ideal solution for you.

Acoustic Absorbing Fabrics for all Occasions

Another advantage of acoustic fabric is that it’s incredibly versatile. Velvets such as our Indulgence and Enchant collections are ideal for noisy restaurants that suffer from sound reverberating off the many solid surfaces. Meanwhile, the hustle and bustle of busy airports and hotels can be mitigated by our Artemis, Deluxe, Equinox, or Dusk ‘til Dawn ranges.

The Healthcare and Retirement Living sectors can also benefit from acoustic absorbent fabric. They can provide such environments with a suitable degree of sound absorption that balances out surfaces like tables and faux-leather chairs. Collections such as Delamere and Aviemore excel in these situations. Finally, the noise in workspaces and other high-tech environments can be reduced by using acoustic panels. Our Altair and Prism fabrics work wonders here.

The Science Behind Panaz Acoustic Fabric

To test the performance of our acoustic fabric and ensure we only supply the highest-quality material, we partnered with the University of Salford to carry out experiments in a specially-created “Reverberation Room”. Using a selection of fabrics in curtain form, we assessed our capabilities using the international standard ISO 354.

Results found that Panaz acoustic fabrics provided opportunities for sound waves to be absorbed multiple times as they bounced around the room. Meanwhile, our Dimouts such as Twilight and Lusso were judged to provide a high level of Class B sound absorption properties — meaning they allowed sound to be absorbed rapidly. Collections such as Prism, Spectrum, and Allure were Class C, thereby providing a balanced level of acoustic properties. This means that no matter what acoustic requirements you have, you can rely on us to assist.

Acoustic Comfort in any Environment

Acoustic comfort comes from finding the right balance between quiet and privacy. Complete silence can be uncomfortable and hinder private conversations. On the other hand, excessive uncontrolled reverberation creates a confusing and distracting environment.

At Panaz, we ensure that our fabrics are designed to fit in any environment.

Hotels and Restaurants

Velvets such as Indulgence or Enchant can balance a noisy restaurant soundscape which has abundant reverberation created by many solid surfaces such as glass, wood and ceramics. These velvet fabrics have a textured pile surface which absorb sound effectively. Other Class B and C fabrics in curtains, soft seating or wall panels will also help guests to hear clearly, while creating an ambient level of noise to ensure privacy between groups.


Panaz 4-Pass Blackout fabric such as Equinox or Dusk ‘til Dawn could benefit a bedroom in a particularly noisy environment, such as an airport. In particular, a sealed blind configuration using blackout can help to reflect outside noise away from the room interior.

Care Environment and Hospitals

Printed and plain curtain fabrics such as Delamere and Aviemore collections can provide care environments with a suitable degree of sound absorption within the room. This can balance out more reflective, easy-to-clean surfaces such as tables and faux leather chairs.


In workspace, and other busy, high tech environments, acoustic panels are a great solution to providing areas of acoustic comfort. Panaz uncoated, inherent products are ideal for this. A fabric such as Altair, or Prism, available in a wide variety of vibrant shades, applied over acoustic panels will provide the look without compromising the technical performance of the panel. Upholstered seating in a textile will provide sound absorption not found in solid seating.

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