Explore Sustainability

We’re passionate about creating beautiful materials that don’t impact the environment. Take a look at our collections and learn how they can help the planet.

Every single fibre in this stunning collection has been made from recycled material, so you can create beautiful interiors in the most eco-friendly way possible.

The production of natural rubber has significantly contributed to tropical deforestation. These materials contain no latex whatsoever, giving you total confidence.

Prolonged exposure to heavy metals has the potential to cause serious health problems, which is why we’ve developed this collection to reduce the risk involved.

Free from harsh chemicals, this fantastic range of material is as durable and hard wearing as you’d expect, without damaging the environment.

Materials in this collection can easily be reused and recycled, so you can always give them a new lease of life. Sustainability at its best.

Each of the fabrics in this range contain elements that have previously been recycled, reducing their environmental footprint.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Panaz strives to put sustainability at the core of everything we do. This ranges from using pioneering dry printing methods and developing eco-friendly fabrics to engaging with charities such as the Ribble Rivers Trust to protect and improve local rivers and wildlife.

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