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Committed to delivering a holistic and client-focused service that’s built on quality and innovation.

Our Philosophy

Since our inception in 1986, Panaz has been the driving force in new innovations in the commercial fabrics industry. From developing the first 100%recycled base cloth and our unique ShieldPlus technology, we’ve grown into one of Europe’s largest suppliers of antimicrobial textiles and the authority on safe and beautiful contract fabrics.

Find out about some of our greatest achievements and how we’ve helped shape the sector into what it is today.

Our Company Values

Our successes as a business and reputation for excellence have all come as a result of a core set of values that were established by our Chairman in 1986.

The Panaz Family



At Panaz, we’ve lived and breathed the commercial fabric industry for decades. Whether it’s turning healthcare spaces into comforting retreats or crafting stylish settings for top-notch hospitality venues, you can rely on us. We value long-lasting customer relationships and will be there for you every step of the way and beyond. Connect with our experienced team and enjoy our top-rated service.

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Where the magic comes to life. Learn more about the heart of Panaz and how we can help you obtain reliable contract fabrics that are the perfect combination of beauty and practicality.

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